A Guide to a Pest-Free Home, Offered by a Reputable Pest Extermination Contractor

Many people pay attention to ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, mice and other pests, only after they become a real problem. But this is not the only way to deal with such issues. Since pest control can be really challenging in these cases, a better option is prevention. By adopting these simple rules, you can keep unwanted rodents and critters out of your home, and thus avoid the need for pest extermination services.

Clean Up
The best way to keep pests out is to make sure your home is clean and neat at all times. Here are some useful tips that may help you in your task:

  • Throw away food leftovers;
  • Use Ziploc bags to store snacks;
  • Clean spills and mess from countertops and floors as soon as they occur;
  • Consider hiring a professional cleaner to inspect and clean your home at least once a month;
  • Use sealed containers for your trash bags, and dispose of your trash daily;
  • Check for wrappers and crumbs that may be hidden under bedspreads or cushions.

Decluttering is perhaps the best way to keep a home organized, and thus avoid hiring an exterminator for your pest problem. Piles of paper and other objects that are lying around can serve as shelter for cockroaches and other pests, so make sure you keep your floor clean and your things organized.

Keep It Dry
Many insects thrive in wet environments, so try to avoid wet areas in your home. The basement is the perfect place for mice to settle in, especially if you offer them shelter. And as you know, once they get in, you’ll need a professional pest extermination service to get them out.

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