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Midwest Termite & Pest Control
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Our pest control services include:

  • Stink Bugs
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Mice/rats
  • Ants
  • Fleas/Ticks
  • Raccoons
  • Ground Hogs
  • Pest Control
  • Pest Extermination

Servicing the pest control needs of:

Dayton, Centerville, Springfield, Miamisburg, Monroe, Springboro, Lebanon, Bellbrook, Indian Lake, Grand Lake St., Marys and Southwest Ohio

About us

Protection…Prevention…Peace of Mind! We protect you from bugs! We keep them out of your home so you can sleep calm trough all night without any worries! We serve to your comfort and Peace of Mind!

This is the Midwest Termite & Pest Control pest control services website, we are your locally run pest control services company.

Midwest Termite and Pest Control, a locally owned and independently operated company, services the entire Dayton, OH area and surrounding communities.  Midwest Termite and Pest Control has over 30 years of experience treating all varieties of pests.

We offer a reliable, personal, prompt and professional service to all of our customers whether treating a wasp nest in a residential property or carrying out scheduled contract visits in a business premises.

Midwest Termite and Pest Control carries out our work honestly, with excellent customer services and at a time that suits your program. Midwest Termite & Pest Control carry out all of our work at fair honest prices, and the price we quote is the price you pay, we do not have any hidden charges.

Midwest Termite & Pest Control
Address: 5133 Pensacola Blvd Dayton, OH 45439
Phone: (937) 469-6128

Our pest control baner
 Pest Extermination Service
by Diane F. Davis on Midwest Termite & Pest Control
Thank you so much!

My boyfriend and I were out of town for a month and a half and when we came back, we found out we have cockroaches in our apartment. We immediately called for a pest control and this company took care of our problem in no time! Hopefully, we will never see these disgusting bugs again!

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 Insect Control

Midwest Termite & Pest Control Phone: (937) 469-6128

A pest problem in your home is not a pleasant experience, but unfortunately pests can and do infest even the cleanest homes – with the help of Midwest Termite & Pest Control you can have peace of mind that we will take care of your unwanted pests. Midwest Termite & Pest Control and all of our exterminators are Fully Licensed and Insured.

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We at Midwest Termite & Pest Control offer a full range of pest control services, we can treat pest problems, look at proofing measures, supply a number of pest control products (including Electric fly killers, fly screens, Metal rat boxes, and many others).

Wasps Insect Control

Wasps often build their nests in or around buildings, on top of this they can get aggressive and cause a discomfort around your work place or home, one call to our insect control provider, and we can take care of this problem for you fast and hassle free.

Cockroaches Insect Control

Cockroaches can be a serious health pest, we have a number of treatments available and can also provide monitoring tools to ensure your environment remains cockroach free.

Rat Control

Despite having a clean environment, good standards of hygiene and rodent proofing any potential entry points, rat infestations do some time occur. If this does happen these pests need to be controlled to prevent damage, diseases and to protect public health.

Stink Bugs Control

The bugs move inside the home through cracks and other openings. They spend the winter hiding inside the walls or in the attic or crawl space. When spring comes, the stink bugs become active. As they begin to move around, some of them emerge into the living space. Stink bugs can be a significant pest problem if they find their way into your home.

pest control office
Pest Control Service
Pest Extermination in
Pest Extermination

Early Fall is the best time to treat and suppress stink bugs. Along with professional treatment to help with prevention the following is recommended. Calk windows inside and out … Weatherstrip entry doors … Rake away all debris from foundation. Contact us to treat the surrounding vegetation outside of your residence of building.

Dealing with any pest issues requires years of training. Worry no more, we have a great deal of experience in the pest control business so we can care of all your pest extermination problems. Let our pest extermination company solve your issues in a timely manner, bringing you back the home and comfort you wished for.

Midwest Termite & Pest Control provides full pest extermination services with the best prices in Dayton, OH. Our occupational exterminators will help you get rid of pests that threaten your ownership, and make sure they are gone. No pest extermination job is too complicated or difficult for our staff. Whether you would like a one-time service or an on-going pest control service, Midwest Termite & Pest Control can provide you the quality service you need, at a good price.

Say goodbye to all pest in your home.

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